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About Green Council BiH

The Green Council is an NGO that became a hub for motivated, educated and skilled individuals that work jointly to develop green projects for the benefit of the society. The main objectives of the organization are to promote a sustainable development, environmental protection, circular economy, responsible and sustainable rural and agricultural development, use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, Nearly Zero Energy Buildings; as well as promoting reforms and development of sectors such as building, rural development, industry, non-commercial services, small and medium entrepreneurship and others which are financed by national and international institutions and donors. Green Council has been gathering educated and skilled professionals from different fields (law, economy, ecology, architecture, civil engineering, rural development, agriculture, etc.) able provide expertise, lead and manage the projects. 

Green Council has gained a vast experience over the course of the years and has become a renowned name in BiH and the WBC region, regarding all aspects of sustainable development. Since 2011, the association acting as a partner of the Sarajevo Green Design Festival and are in charge of organizing industry days in recognized cities in BiH, for the purpose of stimulating better communication and coordination among universities, the Government and business organizations in relevant fields, in order to support innovations in the region. Some of the innovations presented then are: use of sheep wool as a thermo-isolation material, LED light technology, the renewable energy sources, green architecture, prefabrication and flexibility in architecture. 

Since 2010, Green Council is one of the 33 members-organisations of the initiative “Citizens for Europe” advocating for concrete reforms in three sectors (Energy and Environment, Agriculture and Rural development and Employment), whose activities were done under the patronage of EUSR/HoD EU to BiH, with the financial support of the Swedish International Development Agency, and in partnership with the Directorate for European Integration. The results produced within this initiative, based on research and broad public consultations with civic and governmental stakeholders across BiH, were the recommendations for BiH’s faster integration into the EU.

Green Council has already supported the synergy of various organizations in their efforts to protect environment in the most efficient way, using the waste as raw material for an environment friendly production. An example is making a thermal insulation material of sheep wool – sheep meat and milk are traditionally very popular in BiH, but sheep wool has not had proper market value nor need for it, so it started to be a serious animal waste and environmental issue. Green Building Council has been closely working on research, mapping and identifying the renovation and new construction projects activities and participate in the activities regarding education – i.e., regarding the key activities, the Green Council assisted mainly in the first and third: 

  • Preparing and publishing The Feasibility study for the project related to the production of thermal insulation materials made from sheep wool. This was done in close cooperation with the investor that produces Sheep wool insulation in BiH since September 2016 -

  • Identifying and certifying the renovation and new construction projects of residential investors, developers and homeowners who will qualify for preferential financing by achieving ambitious energy and other green criteria.   The project will certify qualified Green Homes projects in each partner country. 

  • Organizing trainings for people considering renovating, constructing or purchasing new homes. This educational initiative focuses on the benefits of having a green approach (e.g. financial), which will provide a better home at a lower total monthly cost of ownership (mortgage + energy + repair + health) costs. The project will thus stimulate the demand for better quality, safer, healthier, energy performant and greener homes.

Since 2011, Green Council has been implementing projects supported by USA PILPG project and Hainrich Bolle Foundation in BiH, an organization focused on sustainable strategic development. Gathering independent experts, the team prepared and published s number of research papers that aim to support responsible sustainable development in BiH.  The list of publications is as follows: 


GREEN Council, 2013: “Establishment of the BiH Ministry of agriculture, food and rural development and other structures, as a way of achieving economic progress for BiH in the EU integration process”

Green Council, 2014: “Establishment of the BiH Ministry of agriculture, food and rural development – Cost Benefit analyses” http://greencouncil. org/publications/

Catalys, 2014: Draft of the Programme of rural Development in FBiH 2015-2020,, in the FBiH Parliament procedure

Green Council, 2015: Agriculture and rural development in function of sustainable development in BiH

Green Council, 2016: S. Klarić; D. Šamić, J. Katica; A. Kurtović, M, Duerod; M. Roso Popovac; (2016) “GUIDELINES ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS AS A BASIS FOR SUSTAINABLE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA”; Green Council,, ISBN 978-9926-8106-3-4

M. Zametica, E. Klarić, S. Klarić; (2016), “The feasibility study for the project of production of thermal insulation materials made from sheep wool”, Green Council Sarajevo,; ISBN 978-9926-8106-2-7

Green Council, 2017: E. Krasny, S. Klarić, A. Kulo Ćesić, A. Ivkovic O’Reilley (2017), Priručnik za nastavnike/ce u osnovnim školama iz oblasti zagađenja I zaštite zraka, Green Council,; ISBN 978-9926-8106-4-1

S. Klarić, M Zametica, E. Klarić, (2017) Tržišni mehanizmi zaštite okoliša u BiH – Zelene javne nabavke i zeleni porezi, Green Council, 

A.Husika, S. Klarić, M. Kušljugić, D. Miljević, A. Omeragić Arapović, N. Pozder (2017), The analysis of the Framework Energy Strategy BiH till 2035 research done during the project Shadow government June till November 2017.


One of the unique ongoing projects is the “Bio-based student pavilion” – a low-energy house built of bio-based, local building materials that provide healthy air quality for its inhabitants, pleasant and spiritually uplifting environment to live in. Furthermore, since they are natural, these materials are almost 100% recycle. The Student Pavilion is currently being constructed in Sarajevo, on the campus of the International Burch University and it consists of a wooden structure, straw-bale walls with bio-based plastering, recycled windows and doors, straw-bale floor and roof insulation and green roof. Wool insulation is also used on the roof and portion of the wall. The house serves as an experimental object for future research. Therefore, the temperature and humidity sensors (with smart observation and reporting system) will be placed in the house to measure wall configurations responses, as well as CO2 levels. Thermal imaging and air tightness tests will also be conducted. The green roof will be monitored to assess plant adaptability, substrate applicability, soil erosion resilience, interaction with roof materials and some ecological benefits. The plan is to conduct long-term measurements with the first results to be published a year after construction.

Practice is to organize summer school for students from the region and internationally at the student pavilion and to present new building practices with students who are learning by doing. The last summer school 2019 at the pavilion was organized with participation of over 60 students.  


Since 2016 Green Council started successful cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina on renewable energy sources as well as installation in the students’ pavilion. Also, the project "Pilot Research of Energy Efficiency Practices in Educational Institutions of Sarajevo Canton (Natural vs. Artificial Building Materials)" has been funded by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in BiH and launched at the beginning of 2020. The Government of the Sarajevo Canton provided full support for the implementation of this project. The projected activities include, among others, air quality measurements at 4 educational institutions in the Sarajevo Canton. The project results are as follows: Green practices in public education institutions are accepted and seen as future regular practice in energy efficiency reconstruction as being more environment and health friendly in accordance to the best practices from Czech Republic and Brno University of Technology; Use of local natural resources and knowledge in production of components and materials used for reconstruction of energy efficient buildings will boost local circular economy; Raise awareness of the use of natural materials for insolation particularly in public educational institutions; Raise awareness of the danger of poor IAQ in elementary schools and its effects on the development of children; Raise awareness on importance of ventilation and recuperation air systems and building materials; Recognition and identification of necessary elements in existing legislation to be harmonised in line with EU and WHO; Ensure sustainability of the project results with direct share of knowledge and experiences to future international and national initiatives.


As of May 2019 Green Council is one of the partners in the project financed from HORIZON 2020 program. The project titled SMARTER Finance for Families developed a system for a low cost but comprehensive Green Homes certification to assess and recognize the top performing residential projects utilizing sustainable construction principles.  Toolkits developed within the project include detailed explanations of the program, the criteria, the benefits and the costs, as well as a selection of projects both certified and those seeking certification within the program. The Green Homes & Green Mortgage program provides discounted mortgage pricing available to suitably-qualified, prospective home buyers interested in buying a home or apartment certified to guidelines established by Green Council BiH related to superior quality, comfort, and energy efficiency and other environmental performance.

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