Vista Bank Launches Vista Green Home

Vista Bank Launches Vista Green Home

Vista Bank has partnered with the Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) to launch a Vista Green Home real estate loan, a product that supports clients who choose to buy or build eco-friendly homes.

This new product provides loans at preferential costs (interest and fees) to individual customers who purchase, upgrade, expand, or build homes that are certified or pre-certified as green homes by RoGBC. In addition, customers who transfer their monthly income to Vista Bank can accumulate their discount rates, giving them access to the most favorable real estate loan offers in the bank’s portfolio.

Vista Bank, Marketing and Product Development Manager, Ecaterina Ciuraru: “Green homes have less environmental impact, guarantee a healthier and more comfortable standard of living, and last but not least, help owners make long-term savings by reducing utility bills. An ideal investment for a better future. Repairs. Through Vista Green Home loans, we provide future homeowners with a more favorable alternative loan compared to standard loans. We have the environment and We are confident that a green home will be a good choice for real estate if we promise to support a harmonious and sustainable living style and everyone contributes through responsible decisions. “

Andrey Botis, Chairman of the Romanian Green Building Council, said:Through the launch of the Vista Green Home mortgage product, we are announcing a partnership with Vista Bank to promote higher quality, more comfortable, healthier and more environmentally friendly homes for Romanian families. I’m proud. Our challenge to climate change requires the commitment of both businesses and citizens. This initiative represents another step in the right direction. “ 

RoGBC-certified green homes meet a number of sustainability standards that minimize environmental impact and improve the quality of life for homeowners. Therefore, the Green Project has high energy performance, reduced water consumption, more natural light, clean room air, acoustic comfort, durable materials (less repairs), multifunctional design, landscaping, non-toxic materials. Use, low carbon emissions, waste sorting, collection systems, quick access to public transport, or facilitating the transportation of pedestrians, bicycles, and electric vehicles. In terms of cost, the initial investment in quality and energy performance was saved due to the much lower monthly energy and repair charges, which will be offset over time.